Subjects of Mengele's 'experiments' on genetic twins, Auschwitz

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Subjects of Mengele's 'experiments' on genetic twins, Auschwitz AndrewAustralia38
Konzentrationslager Auschwitz, Poland JoannaPoland34
innocence MSPTexas30
she is a Gypsy prisoners at Auschwitz. the Germans shaved the heads of all the prisoners because of lice...the girls wore scarves on their heads. xCanada12
horror seen through the eyes of beautiful twins... victims of nightmarish genetic experiments JulesTehachapi, California12
unfortunately twins were favorite test subjects of German doctors. johnkenya9
sisters jordo8
afraid, scared rick usa7
It's not a set of twins; Auschwitz prisoners were most often photographed twice" one full face, one angled shot (as evidenced in later pictures in this collection) note in this picture the collar arrangement is exactly the same in both pictures. Tony PaccioneBrick, NJ5
twins being experimented on by mengele at Auschwits angelicaAZ4
This is not twins, it's the same girl, look closely at the collar and arrangement of material and stripes. Tony PaccioneBrick3
"Todays Torture; The Daily Horror of Auschwitz" Tony PaccioneBrick, NJ1
not twins
Agreed, not twins. Look at her left eyebrow (her left, your right).

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