Total eclipse of the Sun

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Total eclipse of the Sun MindaugasLithuania26
the whole Sun is behind the Moon Joannapoland10
Amazing! AJ TurnerSan Francisco and Vancouver, BC8
moon in front of the sun markzimbabwe7
Annular Eclipse bradcape town, south africa6
Eclipse seen from Kitt Peak in Arizona perhaps? Kitt Peak is on the set locations list but I don't see it anywhere else in the film. Since Kitt Peak has a large telescope, this must be it. TomVirginia4
Hawaii. It's on the Blu-ray. ChickenbuttBrazil2
There was a total solar eclipse in Hawaii on 11 July 1991 and no total eclipses in Arizona from 1950 to 1992. Alexey KruglovRussia2

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