Hagia Sophia, the most renowned Byzantine cathedral and the best known Christian church in Istanbul.

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Hagia Sophia, the most renowned Byzantine cathedral and the best known Christian church in Istanbul. virginia lawlernew mexico37
Galata Mevlevi Temple, Istanbul, as indicated by the Arabic script Morgaan SinclairWashington, DC14
It is Hagia Sophia, of course, (Ayasofya in Turkish, or ???a S?f?a in Greek), of Istanbul or Constantinople, as you like... It was built as a Christian church, it was turned into Islamic mosque after the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1453 (the arabic scripts, with excerpts from the Koran, were added after the taransformation), and it is now a museum, since 1924, with a decree signed by Kemal Ataturk. The Galata Mevlevi Tekke, where the whirling dervishes have their "sema" (ritual spinning) is much smaller and much less decorated. I have been in both places. AndreasGreece14
Istanbul KhashayarIran11
The splendorous Hagia Sophia, Mosque and Church LuisMéxico10
As I recall, Hagia Sophia is not ONLY Christian temple, but also Islamic. It is a place where meets two great religions. Jester RaiinPolska10
well i say its fine n realli beutiful ......................1
Well the Arabic scripture up there praises "Allah" (the Muslim word for God) and the other word on the right is "Abu Bakr," who was the Muslim Prophet Mohammed's best friend. I don't know how you say this place is Christian. Explanation needed please. RanaEgypt1

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