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Skytrain Shot

Sky Train is a 6 minute non-narrative film about Thailand, by Ryan Moser.

Sky Train beautifully uses panning, time-lapse and dreamy cloud sequences that fans of the films in the genre will be familiar with.  But, Ryan has captured the essence of each of his locations in Thailand.  From Bangkok's blurring night lights, scorching midday sunshine, and non-stop traffic, the film progresses nicely to the blue waters  and palm trees of the south.

There are great timelapse, Ron Fricke esque moments when the camera is racing around in a shopping trolley.

Sky Train is a great mixture of the gritty and glitzy side of Thailand.  With the fast paced streets, and claustrophobic soi, whilst avoiding the bland, dreamy tourist-board style panning shots.

The timelapse sequences recorded on foot are a little shaky, but considering the budget, it's still great work.

Well done Ryan.

From Ryan:

"My name is Ryan Moser and I'm a 24 year old filmmaker. I'm an alumni of the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking and I graduated in 2004. Since then I've gone on to direct numerous short films in numerous genres.

Sky Train was my first non-narrative film and I was inspired to make it after viewing Baraka last summer. I have two feature length screenplays in the works and the concept for a full length non-narrative feature as well. I have a song currently composed and ready to go for the non-narrative project.
I'm using the film currently as a demo reel to show my talents as a cinematographer, composer, director and editor. My main source of inspiration was I had not shot a personal and creative project in about a year and I wanted to do something for myself. I also had not spent some real time recording any of my own music so this project made me motivated enough to do that as well.
I was in Thailand visiting my friend who is also a film school grad. I borrowed his JVC-GYHD100 camera to shoot it and I edited the film using Final Cut Pro while I was at his house. There was no set budget so it was pretty much me and a camera. All the work in the film is 100% mine from every instrument played in the song to the final color timing that you see on the screen."
email: ryanjmoser [at]

Filmmaker name: 
Ryan Moser
Filmmaker is from?: 
Sedona, Arizona

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