The Life of Mammals

Last updated by Darren on 03 July 2009

The Life of Mammals is a BBC documentary series about the most diverse groups of animals ever to live on planet earth, mammals.  As with all BBC documentaries the quality of the series is excellent.  The locations, research, cinematography and David Attenborough’s narration are first rate.


Almost all of the footage shot for the series was used solely in the series, so it is unlikely you will have seen it before.  After all these years (50+) of making documentaries the BBC continue to have their own style (when compared to National Discovery, etc.) which many consider the best.  The respect they show to the animals and their habitats is respectful itself.  Scenes that are often the cliché of such programs, such as a lion bringing down another animal such as a wildebeest is rich and stimulating in the Life of Mammals, as if we have never seen it before.  The cameras continue to roll, allowing us to watch the scenes other film makers leave behind.


The series is structured allowing the difference between mammals and reptiles and birds to be clear.  The egg laying mammals of the world, the platypus and echidna are also featured.  The series shows how mammals can adapt to their environments and other animals, whether that is for food or defence.


The classic cats of Africa are of course included, but you will be please to see the water animals - the whales, the small pygmy, the slow sloth, the quick cheetah and the strange naked mole rat.  You may be surprised to see the human baby included, we are after all mammals.

DVD box set

The DVD box set consists of all ten episodes on 4 DVDs.  The customary behind the scene extras are also included.  Photo gallery and fact files are also present.  It’s a great box set, one of the best produced by the BBC.

The Life of Mammals is a wonderful series and box set, which is recommended.

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