Japan, mountains, snow-monkeys in hot springs

This is an image from the film Baraka

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Japan, mountains, snow-monkeys in hot springs JoannaPoland498
Meditation...that is what we need sometimes...and this picture teach us a moment to learn. Ana CuraArgentina - Mexico336
Okay, this monkey is NOT our ancestor! Now I am not at all religious, in fact I am highly evolutionary. Anybody who ever took a course in evolution would know that this monkey and I have a COMMON ANCESTOR. He is not our ancestor. Just thought I'd clear that up. Evo-DevoMontana, USA335
understands the world more than any human. MichaelRamsbottom , England328
I saw a sentient being languishing in the warmth of the water. This small wise looking face appeared relaxed and without worries for the future. ShelleyCanada326
cold monkey with a red face becaustralia320
Sorrow MajaCroatia303
meditation dj allainescg302
Portrayed human characteristics. Look through their eyes into their souls. JanetWisconsin, USA302
the dawn of man, the first thoughts born into the world by our ancestors. The beginning of the journey of man. mike jamesengland297
He is in Samahdi, he is one with creation...an ecstacy. Just being in the infinite moment. Amallebanon297
Our ancestor thinking and getting relaxed carlucosspain296
You could spend a lifetime wondering what he/she is thinking. This photo is hypnotizing. misshartcanada294
A snow-monkey. There was an evil one on the Powerpuff Girls JosephineNZ293
This is a snow monkey; he is showing a million emotions that can be interpreted into whatever you want to think his current mood is at the moment you view it. Every time you watch Baraka you will see something new. For now I see decisive thinking, calmness and melancholy being expressed in his face. RebekhahMichigan, US292
different reality David AaronMEXICO288
I thought the monkey was beautiful and full of emotions, not unworried though..full of concern for something, someone and you can even see it reflected in the water. emilionnenjerusalem287
A monkey is cold, so it enjoy in hot springs. Khoa PhanVietnam287
Nagano Springs, Japan. Those snow monkeys are very interesting. The females monkeys are the leaders of the group. They go down from the top of mountains to the natural warm waters. And yes, this expression is deeper and sinceresly than the human one. scalopespain285
This picture is and example of what life should have been for us and what it was before humans interfered with the natural order. AndrewUtah276
Reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey. During "the dawn of mankind" when apes learn using bones, we have the same 3 shoots : ape thinking in close-up / black monolith under the sun / ape thinking in close-up. In Baraka the monolith is replace by a solar eclipse. Perhapes for the ape it's only a memory or why he choose to stay an animal. Jeremy LEFLAMANDLe Havre - FRANCE10
Deep connection with higher consciousness. Sage. Guru. Shaman on a soul level. Lisa ShawFort Lauderdale9
This creature is contemplative here. The filmaker is using this creature based on its phisiological relation to us to get us to think of nature, in the broad sense, as a highly developed, sentient, and intellectual realm. This tactic employed by the filmaker works well in the selection of this creature (based on luck and a creative eye) being that we can relate its subtle facial movements to those of our own being that it resembles a human, but it is also not so removed from human phisiology, i.e.: a creature less relatable to humans. The creature is realized as what it should be veiwed as and what it truely is: vastly complex. Alex MartinUnited States9
The monkeys of Honshu are the most northerly species of monkey on the planet. This is only possible because of the annual summer monsoons, which in turn are caused by the extraordinary pull of air from the Bay of Bengal onto the hot Indian subcontinent, which is then deflected off the Himalayas upwards towards Japan, where it reaches from early June until mid-July every year. As such, the monkeys symbolize the complex interrelation of climates, snow-cover, habitats and cultures across vast swaths of the globe. I think the monkey is waiting for spring MichaelTokyo2
Baraka is the snow monkey's dream. Watch the timing. Perhaps it's the monkey's nightmare too. Either way, the narrative is so subtle that most people miss it. Looks like you all have! ;-) FredKendal2
The monkey is very peaceful and appears to be meditating. He looks like he is calling out to a power higher than him. Lisa PaulMiami, FL1
This monkey shows the look of confusion and worry. These are all characteristics that represnt the world in which we live in as people. Simply Put, the monkey expresses just how confused the world relaly is. DevinMiami, FL1
Monkey seems peaceful The SidUSA1
i have my own ideas on his expression, ill keep that to myself. snow monkeys are very intelligent, they clean their food before they eat it(a rare behavior among animals) and young ones are known to roll snow balls to play with. just like human children. snow monkeyjapan1
The monkey is relaxed and enjoying itself. everyone should be like this monkey timNew Oxford1
great pic, instant word association:...looks like Yoko bill getasusa1
he just had a hard day and wants to just...
he just had a hard day and wants to just relax with a bath
Jigokudani Monkey Park
The editing suggest Himalayas, but in fact it is in Japan near Nagano. It's actually on Street View now. https://maps.google.co.jp/maps?hl=en&ll=36.732143,138.462785&spn=0.005873,0.011319&sll=36.732655,138.462145&layer=c&cid=17747995036593542687&panoid=-_0l0tU3lKz0JtaEsqJk7w&cbp=13,111,,0,11.92&gl=JP&t=m&z=17&brcurrent=3,0x601df1181a585087:0x940760f8b23471d6,1&cbll=36.732633,138.462177 It's a bit of a trek, but well worth going if you are in Japan.
Rupert BrehenyScotland
Jigokudani Monkey Park
Jigokudani Monkey Park
Rupert BrehenyScotland

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