the light & darkness of mankind

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

the light & darkness of mankind JeelCanada, Montreal786
Fran, you are right... VerónicaArgentina723
The shadow of light aviisrael166
Solar Eclipse DarrenCornwall, England163
Impressive in the past, nowadays "just an eclipse" FranAlmería (Spain)159
Symbolically the eclipse could be seen as a moment in time where all that is creative, celebratory and illuminating about mankind is traversed. The light is obscured, absorbed, consumed by the darkness. This resulting black hole represents our ability as a species to inflict great suffering, destruction and horrific acts of violence upon all manner of creatures and the very earth that provides for us. The eclipse demonstrates that darkness persists even in the presence of light. ShelleyVictoria, Canada158
Solar Eclipse, behind the word 'Baraka'. JosieNew Zealand157
At the core, light 'is' darkness. KarenMéxico155
That in all aspects of life there is a halo of light surrounding the darkness no matter how massive or small that darkness may be. SamanthaSkokie, Illinois128
The dawn of time and the creation of life as we know it. MerlinjenksEngland66
Unity, Balance, Equilibrium FaisalPakistan66
Remember...when your situation vitally is bad, the sun is shinning behind the darkness, every time. The eclipse is a one moment ;) Sorry for my english. GonzawomArgentina61
This is eclipse symbolizes a halo, as the word Baraka means ‘a blessing’. LiamIsle of Man U.K9
a hole to another demension that will lead you to baraka. Also a hole to not only to mankind bbut to life as we know it!!!!!!! Justine krugerOceanside, California3
A metaphor for the human condition and spiritual hope : the eclipse shows us that light exists beyond the darkness Lisa ShawFort Lauderdale2
The eclipse can be used to represent the similarities that can exist when each individual takes time to find out. Although the sun and the moon are different because of the time they appear, they are similar in some ways because at one point they can fuse and become one. Lisa PaulMiami, FL2
Solar eclipse: a point in time when nature tries to remind us of its' importance.. we all should be grateful for all the blessings we have. Almas KhanKarachi/Miami2
Just a eclipse. It's rare, maybe it's beautiful, it do happens. Acient people associate it with supernatural. Nowadays, we can explain it's the moon blocking the sun lights from us on the earth. Darren, GU XiaoyangChina1
this is an eclipse colinburma1
The Solar Eclipse depicts how the human race has inlflicted pain and suffereing to the essence of this world we called nature. But, it also resembles redemption and salvation as the sun starts immersing once again. Portraying "hope" for the human species. Alexis MofaMiami, FL1

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