Unusual performance of Kecak (Balinese Monkey Chant) at temple in Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia

This is an image from the film Baraka

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Unusual performance of Kecak (Balinese Monkey Chant) at temple in Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia JoshBali68
Kecak Dance, Bali DarrenCornwall, England67
thank god for josh tomboston48
absolute beauty, love, peace & serenity. something the western societies have forgotten about. this movie took my breath away when it first came out, and still does to this day. dianedallas, tx, usa25
i like their performance.it told a story to me hobbesmilky way24
Kecak Dance, Ubud Bali RCCanada23
can anyone say what tribe is doing this? or if it is a established tribe or just some indonesians? i want to use it for my cultural anthropology class. I bet Josh knows. JimNY20
kekack dance in bali, and it's nothing short of breathtaking Amynew jersey19
Kecak is actually not an ethnic dance. It is based on sanghyang - a trancelike exorcistic dance. It was choreographed around 1930 by a german primitivist painter Walter Spies and Wayan Limbak an indonesian dancer. FunkyKovalPoland10
I absolutely love this movie, and the Monkey Chant is my favorite part....I have been to that temple and think it is amazing... StephSan Diego9
hey i saw the video as well and i have no idea wat they r doin .hi kristen alenaaussie9
we watched this at school does anyone no y they do it???? kristenaustralia5
they seem to act like one body when they are doing this chant. paigecalifornia2
Kecak's roots come from an Indonesian ritual chant. When Spies arrive he work with the locals to choreograph a show for westerners. It depicts a battle in which a monkey-like being helps a prince fight an evil king. KimConnecticut, USA2
Oh its you Kristen hehe well the first time i saw this was in class obviously...... it was sort of funny but i chose to not laugh because it is a traditional dance of some sort in indonesia!!! so yeah it was sort of scary too :) Melinda Aussie HARD!!!1
hi al kristen and melinda it is scary u ...
hi al kristen and melinda it is scary u dont know whether to laugh or not please vote 4 me
They are re-enacting a battle, however I...
They are re-enacting a battle, however I'm not sure what battle that was. The re-enactment is in the form of a dance and chant.

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