Kecak Dance, Bali

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Kecak Dance, Bali DarrenCornwall, England24
The silly things man does for religion.... Kinda makes you think about how far off every religion is from the truth. Instead of actually worshiping a powerfull being/s we worship routine. Jacob Utah21
Religion is evidence of the deepest respect for "the truth" that is greater than we. MatejPrague20
The silly things man does for money and status....kinda makes u think if we have any moral values....instead of enjoying our lives we worship money and status e.g. in the western society. mr jacob from utah Najlah12
birds dance by Bali habitants ViktorKyiv, Ukraine11
It is sad to recognize the ignorance that surrounds us. I apologize for the disrespect Mr. Jacob from Utah. You know, the fact that we are not familiar with an aspect of life does not give us the right to judge, and much less criticize. I am also from the U.S. and believe me; we are not all the same. I have to admit, I knew very little of any of the images, but take the time to meditate on them JACOB, give yourself a chance to learn, and GROW. Sonia GutierrezMiami, Florida, United States6
I agree with sonia, Jacob is ignorant. If we were born in that culture we would act the same way. C. armstrongcharlotte Nc1
Well, this particular dance was choreographed, in cooperation with a German, to entertain tourists. It is performed around the world. So, it's not about about religion really. KimConnecticut, USA1
Jacob, you should be ashamed of your ignorance!The respect to the nature mother is more beautiful than anything else in the world! JohnnyThailand1

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