Park Ave. NYC

This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

Park Ave. NYC JoseNYC30
New York City Juan Carlos FondeurDominican Republic26
The two images, Poultry farm and this one, are a comparison of our world to the ones of the chickens. ShawnUS14
boston susieqscotland13
Chicago susieqscotland 13
Listen to the breath of the beast. The citiy is alive and as we enslave the chickens we have created a industrial monster that keeps humans in some form of a prison whether it be physcial or mental. Adam QuickCalifornia7
One of my most favorite parts of Baraka. City breathing with life, everyone's lives going on separately, but still part of each other. BWashington State US7
I'm struck by the rhythm and flow -- the dance that keeps away gridlock. KIMConnecticut, USA1

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