Butoh dancer, silent scream (reference to horror of WWII nuclear bombing), Japan

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Butoh dancer, silent scream (reference to horror of WWII nuclear bombing), Japan FergusFrance340
Japan Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA303
The Madness of it all. BobbyIreland145
The face of our lives FranAlmería (Spain)134
Sanity, finally breaking as he watches the madness and horrors that still plague our world. NicholeCanada72
Not only for Hiroshima, but our way of living nowadays. VerónicaArgentina70
Act of all fierce , darkness of life on this planet and collective suffering reflect throughout every part of this silent scream , very suggestive image . MarkoSerbia, NBG68
Man receiving long distance call ... IN HIS MIND .. a preview of the future... Matt LaFleurThousand Oaks, CA64
The Noa Theatre of Japan - wordless theatre JulieLondon61
A deep seeded pain that tears the soul in two for the search of a higher existence, the frustration of lack of meaning and spirituality that makes up modern life. MattSydney55
The silent scream of the unheard JulesCalifornia49
Kabooki-A Japanese drama JoeCanada6
Powerful scene! No words can describe the depressing, almost sickening state of todays society, but those expressions say it all! BrookeCanada5
The human soul screaming in opposition to the overwhelminly unnatural state of human existence in the modern world Adam SudAustin, TX5
The Age of anxiety. mohammad T razmkhahIran4
Madness and sorrow The SidUsa2
A Japanese Mime DevinMiami, FL 2
Butoh dancer, silent scream (reference to horror of WWII nuclear bombing), Japan oop2
The fear of death....
The fear of death.
painful and indelible memory rudyMiami,FL1
Difficult-to-read body language realizatorcascasas1
Atomic, not nuclear, bombing. DanSan Francisco1

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