This is an image from the film Baraka

Where or what is this image?

a family with freedoms, love, and eachother, yet still not fulfilled Ms Dcanada21
Vietnam Mr. ChrisCalifornia, USA21
the music at this point can move you to tears. MichaelRamsbottom, England20
Cambodia thumiParis , France20
Thailand TimCalifornia, USA15
Faimly in a Honda C70 (TM) motorcycle Juan Carlos FondeurDominican Republic13
thai family, there are thai words MartaPoland11
This is Cambodia during the Vietnamese occupation in the 1980s. The script is definitely Khmer (I speak the language). The soldier and his family are probably Vietnamese, although they could be Cambodian. (Contrast with the next photo of the children who are clearly Khmer.) I don't think this scene is about the struggle against poverty. (This family were probably amongst the more fortunate and better off in Cambodia at the time.) It is about the struggle to find meaning, identity and humanity in the vacuum of war, genocide and foreign occupation.
Father trying to support his young family within poverty. Simon DaneaultCanada0
not Vietnam. billboard has Thai script. Vietnam uses Roman letters because of the French occupation. buru buruNew York, US0
Definitely not Vietnam. I believe the script is Khmer (Cambodian), not Thai.
tjhoilandPennsylvania, USA
It can be either one, due to the fact that when they pass the billboard, there is writing on it. I am Laos and I can point out Laos/Thai characters. I can not read it but Thai and Laos characters in lettering is very similar, if not the same. Plus, I've visited Laos and Thailand numerous times and I can confirm that the soldiers and women wear that kind of clothing. The women also sit that way on a moped because of their long skirts that they have to wear for school or just to be professional. I do not believe this can be Vietnam or Cambodia.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The pic is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. you may see the him riding across a university which currently become "Institute of Technology of Cambodia" and Cambodian language exposed clearly on the scenes in few seconds ahead (36.08). this location never been given to other country and it is still in Cambodia.


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